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Furniture Painting Techniques: Dry Brushing to Create a Multi Dimensional Effect

It's truly incredible how layering certain painting techniques can transform a piece of furniture! This has to be one of my favorite transformations I've done in a while.  

I saw the intricate woodwork and knew I would have to use a technique to highlight the unique details of this piece.

I first painted the entire piece in the same mixture of Annie Sloan chalk paint I used for this pair of nightstands.  The deeper gray looked quite nice on its own, but the details weren't standing out as much as I'd like.

I mixed a good bit of Pure White into the gray, placed the tiniest bit on my round brush, tapped off some of the paint onto a towel and began to brush the lighter shade onto the flat surfaces, using a stippling technique on the front detailing. 

On my second round of dry brushing, I watered down the paint a bit, probably just adding a few tablespoons of water to thin it out slightly.

I also had a rag on hand. As I brushed the layer of thinned paint on top, I would wipe it off gently, following the direction of the grain, and making sure to blot off any drips. Be sure not to drench the entire piece in paint, just go over the surfaces sporadically so that the deeper gray still shines through.

I left the interior in the original wood, since I like to see a bit of the original piece whenever possible, and the interior was in great shape. I didn't need to tape it off or fuss with it much, I'm just careful as I paint the doors and edge along the base. 

I styled the piece simply with the stunning paper flowers gifted to me for Galentine's Day by my bestie [the Leslie Knope to my Anne Perkins!].  I'm going to do a separate post about these incredible flowers, because I could go on about them forever! 

As he often does, Watson, my handsome Valentine had to make an appearance while I shot these photos.  He knew how much I loved this piece and how it turned out, and needed to make sure I still loved him most of all [and I do!]. I'll post this for sale in my shop soon, but I may do another post before then on how I would use a unique piece like this in my home [it's SO much more than a nightstand!].