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Small Spaces: Minimalism done right in Downtown Atlanta

There's something to be said about small spaces.  The entire concept of the tiny house has become so topical and relevant in today's society and it's not such a ridiculous concept as it may have once been.  I've recently helped a friend begin her house hunting search in Atlanta, and it's given me a chance to take a closer look at smaller houses, town homes and condos.  Both of us are pretty good at looking past bad paint, carpeting and dated kitchens to see the potential in a place. But on occasion, I stumble upon a listing that is so impeccably styled and photographed, it's hard to ignore.  This little studio absolutely fits that bill!

I've been checking Zillow almost daily as of late, and this morning I stumbled across this listing. It's only 442 square feet, but the combination of its open floor plan and the simplicity of the design and styling of the space make it feel so much larger.

The kitchen is small, but the combination of open shelving and frosted glass doors makes it feel more expansive.

I also love the use of color in the kitchen.  Keeping everything minimalist and white, with just a pop of color in a shade that resembles the interior of a ruby red grapefruit feels so invigorating and makes the space feel friendly and welcoming to guests. 

Yes, compared to many other homes, this space is certainly lacking in storage space, but as I paged through the photos, I appreciated all the creative details that make this space work despite its size. 

The bed is large, but feels light due to the airiness of the white iron bed frame. Rather than bringing in lots of clunky storage pieces, the owner kept things minimal, instead using long open shelves in various spots of the room and shallow closed storage.

I've nearly purchased the shoe cabinet [piece below the black mirror] a few times, since it's such a great storage piece that takes up hardly any room in a home. I also love the open closet area [to the left].  

Of course, this is a home meant for someone who is highly organized, and not everyone can live this way [I'd certainly struggle a bit!], but I envy the lifestyle that goes along with a place like this.

The interior styling is minimal, mostly incorporating plants, a few key pieces of wall art and home decor.  This allows the architectural features to be the real showpiece in the space.  I'm especially in love with the original hardwood floors. I don't know the story behind this building, but I'd love to know more about those gorgeous floors!

And those windows! When any home is small, having oversized windows not only brings in so much natural light, it brings the outside in and makes a space feel much more grand. 

The colors are muted in the main living area, which makes the pops of color in the other spaces like the kitchen as I mentioned previously and the bold pop of blue on the bathroom vanity all the more intentional and appealing. 

All the design touches in this home are surprisingly simple and affordable to incorporate into any home.  It's giving me so many fantastic ideas of how to better design and organize small spaces!

This studio is only $85k, which is quite a rarity in the real estate market here in Atlanta.  Again, it's a home meant for a person who loves a minimalist lifestyle, but I really think we could all learn something about design, space planning and simplicity!