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One Nightstand, Three Ways: Styling a Mid Century Modern Nightstand

When it comes to interior design, styling with objects is easily my favorite thing to do! I love how a grouping of pieces can transform a space into something more. Objects tell a story, inform how our eyes travel across a room and create a sense of balance.  This little mid century nightstand, painted in a modern mixture of Annie Sloan's Amsterdam Green and Florence is the perfect grounding piece to show how styling can transform a room.

When it comes to styling, I decide on the objects I'll use by first looking at the piece of furniture I'm working with and the environment it's going in. This project was a bit different, since I wasn't working in the actual bedroom where the nightstand would go, but I could still create a few different vignettes, giving the piece a different feel through the use of color.  I kept the same little lamp in all three 'stories' and opted to swap out the other objects. I played with how the objects are positioned [discussing positional balance is a whole other post!], but the overall look and feel is largely informed by the colors I used.


This nightstand is a rather unique color, but that doesn't mean you're stuck decorating an entire room in shades of green.  In fact, my favorite way to style a cool toned piece of furniture is with contrasting warmer shades.

With this vignette, my jumping off point was this gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. Candle [on left]. I then grabbed other objects in similar colors from around the house [a few of my NYT travel books, a mid century design book, and a framed LOVE print]. 

The reds, oranges and yellows are bright against the bright green nightstand.  They manage to balance each other out, and give a room a sense of energy and life. A combination like this would be perfect for someone who loves color, or for someone who has a very neutral toned, minimalist bed. 


Another method in styling is keeping the objects used all in the same color family.  It's not exactly a monochromatic look, but keeping everything in cool tones brings a sense of calm to this vignette.

By incorporating plants [a potted succulent and an air plant sat in a small Japanese dish], the story of this nightstand feels inspired by nature.  The small piece of pottery has an earthy quality, and the string of green glass beads is draped organically across the top of the nightstand.


For someone who prefers a neutral palette, it's still possible to have a bright colored nightstand like this.  By styling with only neutral shades [creams, whites, grays] and natural materials [wood and metal], the green of the nightstand acts as an accent against the calm backdrop.

For this vignette, I went with a mix of modern and vintage pieces. The gold leafed candle is from Anthropologie [and smells like hot apple cider mmm!] and the silver geometric object is from Target. The vintage touches are a wooden shoe form and a small brass dog.  I grabbed a few neutral toned books off the shelf and the story was complete.

Though this last vignette is probably the most universal, since most of us are afraid of color when it comes to design, I find seeing this one nightstand styled three ways can help even the most color fearing sort see how simply changing out a few objects can completely transform a space and work beautifully! [I'll have this nightstand posted for sale soon in my shop!]