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Small Spaces: 'More is more' design in a petite package

When I stumbled upon this space on Zillow [I mentioned in my previous small spaces post about helping my friend house hunt], I had serious interior design envy. The photos of her space made me immediately want to redesign all my own spaces [and basically put a gallery wall in any and every room!].

Photos taken from [link above]

Photos taken from [link above]

900sqft isn't small my any means for a one bedroom apartment, but it can make for slightly tighter living quarters. Some might think the solution for that is going the minimalist route, with petite pieces of furniture and keeping things simple.  This space went quite the opposite way, and it works beautifully.

The use of color is so vibrant and slightly whimsical, but not in a silly way.  I'm so envious of the bold wallpaper shrouding this bedroom!

I've always made design choices in my home with keeping the idea of resale in mind, making sure not to go over the top.  But her use of bright orange base and crown moulding has me thinking I need to just take the plunge in any way I want to.  This space is giving me the design strength I need!

Every detail in this smaller apartment is so thoughtfully arranged, yet doesn't feel forced. I adore the set up of this small kitchen.  I'm a person who spends the majority of her time in the kitchen, and having as large a kitchen as humanly possible is a lifelong dream of mine.  But this little gem has me rethinking my lofty goals entirely!

I love the finishes chosen for this small space. The touches of gold throughout feel like jewelry in the space, and the gorgeous marble herringbone backsplash [similar to the one I have in my studio, I think we may be kindred spirits in design!] add such a touch of class to the kitchen. The butcher block countertops contrast nicely with the white cabinets and appliances, and give the space a warmth that's hard to achieve with stone surfaces.

The bathroom feels so bright and light, and again, though small, has just the right amount of design touches to make it feel like a spa like retreat in a petite package. I can't quite see it fully in the photo, but I thoroughly appreciate the grand size of the mirror above the sink.  I love large mirrors in small spaces. They help bring in and bounce around light in a space, and if you can find a mirror that nearly goes to the ceiling, it just makes the space feel that much larger.  

I also love how the two bedrooms in this home contrast quite significantly, both in color and style. This space, which I assume is the guest bedroom, feels so calming and quiet. It has much more rustic touches, but still feels luxurious with the help of gorgeous floor to ceiling drapery [another #goal of mine is to have really gorgeous curtains in every room of my home, but my cheeky cats who enjoy nestling in them and occasionally vomiting on them have me thinking otherwise...probably an overshare!]

Though it's not exactly my specific design style, I feel like I would be so at home in this apartment. It feels so eclectic, warm and inviting, without being overly fussed with. What's funny is this apartment is located literally around the corner from my house! I wonder if I should just knock on the door and meet the person who lives here, I imagine we'd be fast friends!