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Clean, Modern Lines: Mid Century Dresser Painted in Gray with Original Wood Drawers

Mid Century furniture is all the rage right now [at least in my little part of the world] and whenever I get my hands on a piece I can put my stamp on, I'm one happy girl.  When I saw the photos of this dresser, I knew instantly it was coming home with me.

I've said it before, but the only reason I would paint a mid century piece is if it's severely damaged or if it has a laminate top, as many tend to.  This dresser had said laminate top in a color that didn't even remotely match its wood base. 

The angled drawers and tapered legs were in great shape, so I knew I would keep them in their original state. I'm not always keen on combining the look of paint and wood, but mid century dressers were made for this style.

I created a custom light gray, combining Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen, Pure White and Graphite. I scuffed up the laminate top with a coarse grit sand paper, and then painted two thin coats, working in long strides with my largest round brush. On the second coat, I thinned out the paint with a few drops of water, which helps the paint go on a bit smoother. 

I thoroughly sanded the painted surfaces with a 600 grit sand paper, so I could get the smoothest finish possible.  It's still a hand painted piece, but creating a buttery smooth finish adds to the modernity and clean lines of this piece.

For the photos, I styled it with more modern bits, including a trio of succulents pulled from my kitchen window. I also pulled a pair of birds along with a favorite framed quote of mine [found while I was in Iceland last year!].

Today's top model is my sweet girl Kona.  She loves snuggling up on this rug, and has been thrilled I cleared out furniture from this room for photos while my studio is occupied by Airbnbers. I really and truly adore the finished product of this mid century beauty. I will post it for sale in my shop, but currently it's living quite nicely in my home and I wouldn't mind if this one stuck around!