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Before and After: Major Transformation Combining Annie Sloan's Provence and Duck Egg Blue

Everyone seems to love a good before and after.  There's something incredibly satisfying about them. It's why all those HGTV shows are so addictive!  I particularly enjoy taking a clunky, dark piece and transforming it with a bright, light paint. A few light layers of paint took this piece from dowdy to outstanding!


There's this indescribable feeling I get when I know a piece has really hit the mark.  Yes, furniture can give you all the feels! This piece feels luxurious and modern, but still is a playful and fun piece that instantly brings life to a space. 


To create this specific shade of turquoise, I mixed about two parts Provence with one part Duck Egg Blue from Annie Sloan's line of chalk paints. Provence is fairly bold on its own and Duck Egg mellows out the tone just enough to create a shade that doesn't feel too bold but provides a nice pop in any space.

I wanted to distress this piece a little more than I usually do, since it had so many great edges and details. When I plan to go for it with distressing, I'll typically brush on two to three drier coats of paint. I find this technique a bit easier, since I don't need to worry so much about making the coats completely even.  The goal isn't full coverage, which makes this process a little more forgiving.

The center door reveals three additional drawers [this guy is a real storage horse!], which I also painted to match the exterior. The gentle curves of these interior drawers distressed so effortlessly, and it's a beautiful little touch [if I do say so myself!].  

The hardware on this dresser really fell to the wayside when it was in its original deep brown stain, but now these gorgeous vintage brass hardware looks incredible against the lighter turquoise shade. The hardware feels heavy and stately, and adds a sense of vintage luxury to this piece.

To add to the stately quality of this piece, Watson stands resolute in the midst of furniture beauty.  [I'll never get tired of having my pets pose with my furniture!] I'm updating my shop now with all my latest pieces, so keep an eye out for this one and others. I know this piece will make a fantastic dresser, credenza, buffet or changing table in someone's home!