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Transforming a $2.99 Sewing Table in a Bright Blue

I love that moment when I stumble upon an impossibly inexpensive piece of furniture! For me, as long as something has good bones, I'm perfectly happy to work with any of its imperfections.  When I stopped by my local thrift shop and saw this little sewing table for a whopping $2.99, it was a no brainer!

The face of the table itself is in perfectly good working order.  The issue with it lies when it's opened up in 'sewing table' form. There's some damage to that surface, and I'm currently working on some ideas for repurposing this part.  [had a grand idea of transforming it into a bar/ice bucket holder but ran into some balance issues!] 

When I get an inexpensive piece, I'm much more likely to try my hand at a bolder color since the initial investment in the piece isn't very high. I'm still trudging away through the bottoms of a few cans of paint [Annie Sloan chalk paint really does wonders and one can lasts AGES, making it absolutely worth the investment!]. 

I combined my last bit of Amsterdam Green with Provence and Napoleonic Blue to create this bright, bold shade of blue. I wanted the color to be light enough to show off my favorite bit of this piece, the angular mid century drawer pull.

Normally I wouldn't distress mid century pieces, but this piece had a few too many scuffs and so it seemed to work best with a slightly rough hewn look. The blue combined with the hits of the original wood beneath complement each other nicely.  

This piece is solid, sturdy and would make a perfect nightstand, side table, entry table, or really anything you'd like to use it for. I'm still working on my bar concept but currently it's happily housing my record player!  I'll post it for sale soon in my shop, but contact me if you'd like to come see it in person or if you're on the hunt for another piece of furniture!