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Furniture Re-Styled: Gray Bar

There are certain pieces of furniture that for one reason or another take a while to sell. Sometimes it's because the photos weren't great, but typically, it has to do with the color or painting technique. If it's too unique a piece, it may not to appeal to as many buyers.  I don't mind that, since I like having a variety of options available for sale, but if a piece sits for too long, I may choose to restyle it to see if that allows people to see the beauty and potential in that piece. 

I've had this nightstand/console/bar [yes it can be all these things!] for a while now, and I was surprised when it didn't get snapped up! I didn't do much in the way of styling it when I first photographed it, since I was focused more on the painting and waxing process and not on styling it. I decided it was about time I took a new set of photographs and this time I went for a very clear purpose for this piece.

Every time I look at this piece, I envision it as a perfect spot for a bar.  It's a smaller in scale, but large enough to hold a variety of bottles, glasses and other cocktail making accoutrements on top. It also has a storage area beneath that's tall enough to house any bottles that aren't as frequently used.

I added a cheeky little cacti and a clay vase to style it up a bit, along with a beautiful vintage map of London as a backdrop. This photo series is more about showcasing the functionality of this piece as a bar, but I still think it shows the beautiful details of the furniture.

I love the moodiness of these photos [I shot this on a particularly gray day] and I think it pairs well with the concept of this being a bar. I could easily see a pair of wingback chairs flanking it, and I'd love to sip an old fashioned while chatting with a friend on a quiet rainy evening.  Check out this piece in my shop and contact me if you're looking for something I don't have up for sale!