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Creating Custom Layered Colors: Blue Green Bar

My latest completed piece was a real find. I was at one of my favorite thrift shops, saw it from across the room covered by a stack of clothes, and made a b-line for it instantly.  Although I tend to sell dressers the most, finding more unique pieces to work on is what gives me a real thrill. This bar / console / kitchen island [yes, it's currently an awesome little addition to my kitchen!], is incredibly versatile, and was a treat to work on.

I painted this piece with the idea that I was the client.  I had a sneaky feeling I'd keep it [and almost certainly will now that it's done!], so I wanted to use some of my favorite colors to create its custom, layered finish.

For the base, I used a combination of Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue, Graphite and a few drops of English Yellow. I would have just went with a green based paint mixed with blue, but I thought it might be easier to add a hint of yellow to the mix, and I was right! Instant gorgeous green-blue!

The next layer I went with was Florence, a bold green blue that's quickly become one of my favorite pops of color. I created a test board to make sure the combination worked [a great tip if you're just starting out in painting furniture!].

Using a smaller brush, I painted highlights of Florence all over the piece. To tone down and blend the layers, I watered down the base color, added more Graphite to deepen it and brushed on the watered down paint a bit haphazardly.

After lightly sanding and distressing the edges of the piece, I brushed on clear wax and buffed it off with a cloth. The result is a gorgeous, custom blue green that has incredible dimension and movement.  Depending on which angle you look at it from, different colors peak through and are highlighted.

The color combination is deep, varied and accents the beautiful detailing of this bar.  I don't know why I haven't used this technique more in my work because it really and truly is stunning in person! The real reason I'll likely keep this piece of furniture for myself is due to the versatility of it.  On my personal blog, check out photos of this piece styled up as a bar cart. For more information on this painting process, or if you're looking for a custom piece like this, contact me!