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Bookcase Transformation: Painting and Styling to Create a Cohesive Look

Bookcases offer up so much possibility. They are a home for a collection of books, naturally. [and my stockpile is ever increasing!]. They can act as a pantry for storing kitchen goods. They can also be a platform for showcasing favorite objects and home decor. It's rare I get to come across such a sizable bookcase and this one offers up so many possibilities!


This one began as a simple wood bookcase. It had a plain plywood backing, but is solidly constructed and a potential to be beautiful.

I had a few ideas for what I wanted to do with such a large piece.  I knew I would like it to have some sort of contrast in color or texture. I started off with a few layers of a deep navy, created using Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue and Graphite.

For the bookcase frame and removable shelves, I brushed on a watered down mixture of Annie Sloan's Old White and French Linen, wiping off after waiting a few minutes with a clean rag.

I decided to use this technique since the frame and shelves of the bookcase had beautiful wood markings and a wash would help modernize it while still allowing the natural beauty to peek through.

The combination of a slate navy with a gray wash is really quite striking.  There's a bit of a nod towards the nautical, and so I opted to style it for the photos using natural materials and a cohesive color scheme.


Combining objects in varying textures, colors and scales creates a layered effect. 

I've posted this bookcase for sale in my shop, but meanwhile I plan to use it for storage of my copious painting and work supplies. I hate to take away this gorgeous collection of objects from it, but needs must and my needs require a practical purpose for this behemoth!