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Folding Tables in English Yellow: Using Color for a Fresh, Modern Style

I vividly remember having folding tables like these as a kid. There was something incredibly cool about doing my homework whilst sat on the couch with one of these tables as my work surface. Even more cool: getting to eat in front of the TV! We weren't a microwave TV dinner family, but we definitely watched TV during meals! My memories of such folding tables were bland and beige and boring.  When I came across this pair, I decided it was time the standard folding table got a modern refresher!

I picked up Annie Sloan's English Yellow last month, and have been waiting for the right project to use it on.  I find this bright, cool toned yellow works best with modern or mid century pieces [though it can also lead rustic with the right kind of techniques!]. 

These tables may not be mid century or modern, but they are simple and have clean lines that lend to a more modern aesthetic.  I went with a couple solid coats of paint. I didn't focus on painting smoothly, but rather took my brush in every direction.  This made the painting process less tedious [there are a lot of sides and edges to these little folding tables!]. 

I taped off stripes and painted Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue and Giverny for a bit of contrast. This little touch is easily my favorite part of this project!

This pair of folding tables now feels fun and fresh, and far from a boring thing of the past.  These are actually perfect for apartments or small spaces that can't accommodate a dining table, and also make a great pair of nightstands. I can't wait to see how this pair works in their future home. They're currently up for sale in my shop!