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7 Prints from Society 6: Mint and Blush

One of my go to websites for art prints, Society 6 had a fantastic memorial day sale, and I might have splurged on a fair few prints! I'm working on a plan to change up the look of my 'great room' [aka the living and dining area just off my kitchen] and the first place I decided to make a change was on my big gallery wall.  I'm excited to share the progression of changes I make over the next few weeks! The floor plan is staying the same, but the mint and blush color palette will hopefully give the space a soothing lightness I've been searching for.  Here's a sneak peek at some of the prints that will be making their way into my new re-style! Sale or not, Society 6 is great source for finding a wide array modern prints [all made by unique artists!] in any color scheme you'd like. They also transfer their prints on all sorts of things. I may or may not have ordered a few throw pillow covers as well! Stay tuned...