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My Love for Layered Finishes: Indian Inspired Distressed Bookcase

I am constantly and will forever be enamored and captivated by vintage furniture. I find a piece with flaws and instantly begin to transform it in my mind, envisioning a new life for it, a life where it is treasured and appreciated, not discarded like trash. I'm all for making the new look old, but I really love when I can take a piece that appears worse for wear and play up its aged character even more.  With this piece, something about the detailed curvature at the top reminded me of pieces of Indian furniture I've seen in the past. The specific style I was thinking of has an incredibly distressed quality and embraces color and texture in the most beautiful way. They have a soul, a history beneath each layer of cracked and worn paint. I can't recreate that same history, but I can still attempt to retell a similar story. The process to achieve this look is fairly involved. It requires multiple coats of paint, varying colors, distressing tools and waxed finishes.  No matter how labor intensive a project like this can be, the satisfaction and surprise I get when it's complete is worth the extra elbow grease [and quite literally, I was covered elbow to fingertips in black greasy wax by the end!].

I'd love to take you through the step by step process to recreate this painting style, but I thought for today I'd simply share the series of photos I took of the finished product.  This piece may pop up for sale, but in the meantime its many shelves are housing [ahem, hoarding!] my treasure trove of styling props. Note: this is NOT what the bookcase currently looks like- it's literally packed to the gills with books and vases and tiny objects and who knows what else...the story of my life!