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Rainy Day House Tidying

On rainy days I like to tidy. It clears the mind and helps motivate me to tackle new projects. Yesterday was particularly soggy, so I managed to tackle a few rooms in my house. Due to an overly zealous beagle mix named Watson, the baby of our family, we had to rejig the the house a bit to help 'puppy-proof' things a bit more.

We used to have the small leather sofa in front of the window looking out onto the sidewalk. Watson has constant anxiety when seeing other dogs, humans, moving objects on the street, and would ransack the sofa, tossing off all the pillows, nose pressed up against the window pane, barking, howling, whinging at every passerby.  I decided to move the sofa away from the window, giving it a new home in the adjacent room, creating a new and cozy sitting area.

Now a dresser I currently have up for sale sits in front of the window, helping block the view of possible 'intruders' and prevents Watson from jumping on any of the furniture.  It seems like a minor thing, but I'm already noticing a quiet calm wash over the house.  So much less yelping!

In the room where I paint and photograph all my furniture, I put together a new wall gallery, prepped for the next piece I'll photograph on this wall.  

When I'm not working in here, we use this space as a workout room and spot to watch TV [there's an elliptical along the window and when there's not a giant dresser taking over, I have lots of space to do yoga, lift weights do a HIIT video or dance around to music [probably my most favorite workout choice!]. 

I also use this room to organize most of my styling props.  I just finished this tall bookcase, and it's perfect for housing my treasure trove of objects. Having all my little things placed on the shelves in an aesthetically pleasing manner is oddly important to me. I spent a good hour alone just rearranging everything on the shelves, trying to squeeze as much as I could, while still having it all organized and pulled together.

I have to say, even though yesterday wasn't spent working on furniture or writing, I felt really accomplished and at peace by the time 5 o'clock rolled in. Putting physical things in place manages to put my mind in place. Putting physical things in place manages to put my mind in place.