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Using Paint to Bring Modern Style to a Bookcase: Annie Sloan's Pure White and Louis Blue

Bookcases are one thing I can't have too many of [and I have quite a few!]. They're functional in nearly every room of my house. But just because something is functional doesn't mean it can't also add a sense of style to a space. Last week I completed this bookcase, transforming it from basic to clean and modern.

Here's a before shot I took: it wasn't in fabulous shape, but it was sturdy and an easy candidate for paint!

I wanted to keep it light and bright, so I started with Annie Sloan's Louis Blue, mixed in Pure White to lighten it, and applied two coats. I then went over the base with Pure White on its own. It took quite a few coats since Pure White has no pigment and doesn't cover as well as Annie Sloan's other colors [at least that's what I've found]. 

I could have gone with a clean edge where the two colors met, but I thought it would be fun to add a stripe of gold to separate the two. 

As soon as I added that small bit of gold, the bookcase was transformed! It instantly felt fresh and modern, and all it took was some blue tape and a few coats of my go to gold [Modern Masters in Pale Gold].

This particular bookcase has slightly slanted shelves, so it's perfect for housing books, magazines, wall art, or a combination!

I kept my styling for it simple for these photos, since I wanted the focus on the paint style, but no one can resist a shelf filled with color coded books!

I'll have this beauty posted for sale in my shop later today. Contact me if you have any questions about it or the painting process!