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One Dresser Styled Three Ways

When it comes to furniture, my work doesn't stop once I've finished painting. Getting each piece ready to photograph and sell takes a bit of styling and creativity.  I like to mix things up and keep the styling props I use fresh and unique each time.  Sometimes I'll experiment with different vignettes until I find one I'm really happy with. For this piece, I had a hard time deciding, so I thought I'd share all three!

I started off with the most colorful grouping. I always like to start with what I put on the wall since that's what often grounds the vignette. I decided on a gigantic vintage map for this first photo. The bright colors contrasted beautifully against the cocoa-gray dresser. Because the map was so busy, I kept the objects on the dresser simple, using a large potted plant, a stack of books that pick up some of the colors in the map, and a framed magazine cutout. 

I decided to play up the more traditional colors of the dresser by going with warm toned objects with a slightly masculine feel. I balanced the framed map with two vintage prints. I love hanging in odd numbers whenever possible. It always seems to be more pleasing to the eye this way! On the left, I added in a weighty industrial metal lamp, a few vintage books, and some tiny pottery I picked up at my neighborhood's festival the other week. On the right I went with my trio of vases from Steven Allen for West Elm

Lastly, I was inspired by the colors from a painting done by my aunt. The painting in question is a small one on the bottom left that appears to be of a tornado on the water [the series this is a part of are all abstracts so I can't actually say this is a tornado, but you get the gist!]. The mixture of a taupe-gray, light pink and murky blue really intrigued me. I grabbed items from around the house in these colors, along with a few white and natural accents to make the grouping feel even more modern. I don't normally style dressers with pillows, but this one I just picked up from Society 6 had just the right shade of blush pink, and the circular detail on it tied in with my map of Atlanta.  

Styling a piece of furniture isn't all that difficult, but it does take a decent amount of trial and error before it's just right. I can sometimes over think things a bit, and spend too much time fussing with it. But for me, there is something weirdly fun about composing the right balance and setting the perfect tone with a vignette. Which of these three do you like best? I'd love to hear from you! :)