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One Wardrobe Styled Two Ways: Mint with Blush and Black Accents

Hello my design/furniture loving friends! I took a little break from work for the 4th of July that lingered its way into the weekend for a bachelorette party in Charleston! I haven't been in a writing sort of mood, so I'm going to keep the chattiness of this post unusually short. I did want to do a quick share of the latest piece I finished. I had planned on trying a new technique on this wardrobe, but I fell HARD for this color [I finally mastered the mint green of my dreams with a combo of Annie Sloan paints!] and didn't want to muddle it up with other colors. I was inspired by my time at the beach this weekend, and went for a vintage beach vibe with the finish on this.

I'm currently not in one of those super 'bloggy' [it's a thing, google it.] moods, I had trouble 'killing my darlings,' and couldn't edit down the number of there may or may not be 17 photos of this wardrobe [four of which are pictures of my ever adorable Scottish Fold Maggie who sneakily hopped inside while I was taking photos!]. I was really indecisive about how to style this piece, so I shared both iterations.  I went for a combination of blush and black accents to complement the cool mint. The photos came out okay [I'm having lighting woes], but in person I love this piece SO much more. I'm working on updating my shop page over the next 24 hours, so keep an eye out for this piece and all the others I currently have available!