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Modern Gray and White Ombre Dresser

Sometimes I get this craving, this incurable urge to paint.  Sometime's it's not professional, it's personal.  I've had this piece for years, ever since I first moved to Atlanta when I was 22.  My tastes have changed dramatically since then. I've been wanting to transform in more ways than one, and last week that included giving this dresser a new facelift. It's ebony stain has been beaten up over the years, and giving it a complete 180 seemed like the perfect choice for it.  I painted the frame in Annie Sloan's Pure White, a clean, modern white. For the drawers I created a subtle ombre effect using a mixture of French Linen, Pure White and Graphite.  I wanted to keep it modern and bright, but also a bit rough around the edges. I imagine this working nicely with a modern, farmhouse style home.  For now though, it'll stay right here at my home. It's new modern ombre has reinvigorated my love for it! [if you scroll to the end, you'll see the whole family is getting in on the love for this piece!]