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Blending 3 Annie Sloan Paint Colors to Create the Perfect Deep Coral

This week I'm painting quite a few pieces in neutral colors, so it makes my heart happy when I can post a piece of furniture in a bright, bold hue! Coral has become one of those coveted shades in recent years. It's the perfect mix of orange and pink and warmth. My go to paint brand, Annie Sloan, doesn't make a coral paint color [not yet at least!], so I need to get a bit creative if I want to achieve a certain shade of coral.  

This specific color was inspired by a sunrise I was fortunate to witness recently [more on that here!]. To achieve this deep coral, I combined three Annie Sloan shades: Burgundy, a deep red shade with a good bit of blue in it, Arles, a warm mustard yellow and English Yellow, a cool toned bright yellow. The coral was mostly made up of about 4 parts Arles, with 2 parts English Yellow and 1 part Burgundy.  Burgundy is an incredibly strong color, so a little bit goes a LONG way.


This color is a stand out in even the darkest of rooms and I'm so thrilled with the results! This piece was a bit drab and cookie cutter 'box store' style before, but now it feels custom and has it's own bold sense of style.


Going into this, I didn't want this TV stand to be a quiet wallflower.  I wanted it to be a focal point in a room, and even though it's not a vintage piece, I wanted it to feel aged. I gave it more dimension by heavily distressing the paint using a combination of water, steel wool and sandpaper. 


Anytime you use water when distressing, it really allows you to remove large swaths of paint in a more haphazard way, giving it a more rustic finish. 


I sealed the piece with clear wax, but decided to brush on a bit of white wax at the end, just to add even more dimension to this bright shade, while also giving it an ever so slight softness.


The coral, coupled along with the dark ebony distressed bits showing through, and the aged style pulls all worked beautifully together on this TV stand. Check it out now on my shop page!