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Quick Styling with Fall Colors: Mid Century Dresser in a Gray-Blue

Sometimes everything perfectly aligns. I finished this piece right around 5pm when the light was stunning and golden. The dresser was begging to be photographed immediately! Normally I give it a day, let the wax cure, and slowly style the furniture until it suits me. BUT THAT NATURAL LIGHT! So in a fit of madness, I started running around the house grabbing art to hang on the wall, and random bits to style the top with. I normally hang an odd number of pieces on the wall, but this set of four worked well and I liked how the large colorful painting was balanced out with the three smaller paintings in more neutral tones.

When styling, I [almost] always hang art first and then take look at my giant bookcase of styling props. This time my row of vintage books caught my eye. I noticed how nicely all their colors paired with the large painting I had hung, and grabbed the whole lot.  I quickly shoved them on the top, had that AHA! moment and continued grabbing a few more items to complete the vignette. There was so much color in the books, I kept the rest neutral with a cream ceramic lamp [Pottery Barn], my little brass mama duck and her ducklings [vintage from Highland Row Antiques] and a tall clay vase [West Elm]. 

Something about this set up really resonates with me. Mid century pieces are so timeless and simple, it really doesn't take much to make photos of them shine. But between the art and the books in that rainbow of shades, I'm simply in love. For my painting readers, I created the blue-gray finish on the frame using a combination of Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue and French Linen. The mixture created the perfect neutral with a bit of a twist. The color works with warm accents or cool, whichever mood you're in.  

I don't know why, but something about these photos and this styling makes me think of 'back to school' time. I've only just put this up for sale in my shop, but I'm secretly hoping I get to hold onto it for a bit so I can do another restyle of this piece using actual school props [notebooks and yellow pencils and rulers oh my!]. I loved school as a kid, so this time of year and the color tones found in this photoshoot really just give me the warm and fuzzies!