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[Chatty Post!] Simple White Nightstand with Gray Details

I'm in a rambly, chatty bear with me :) I've taken a solid week or two off painting furniture and blogging, partly because I hurt my knee, partly because I've been busy with other bits, but mostly because I've been away the past few weekends.  One of the reasons I left town was to drive up to New Jersey [hey 13 hour drive...wish I loved you more...definitely don't] to pick up my childhood bedroom furniture. They've been in storage at my godmother's for going on 9 years, and since she's selling her house, it was time they made their way down to my home in Atlanta.

I managed to fit in my dresser, a rolling bookcase and a nightstand, among lots of other items into my big car. The dresser is currently living in my closet. It's in great shape, so I don't plan on painting it. It will provide an extra space for storage [because who doesn't need more storage?]. The rolling bookcase quickly became the perfect spot to house my painting supplies [will share photos of my updated painting/photography room soon!]. The nightstand...well I already have nightstands in my room and I didn't have a place for it elsewhere in the house. My mom asked if she could have it. Seeing as she bought it 20+ years ago, I figured I could return it to her :)

She asked if I would paint it to coordinate with the dresser I painted for her.  The dresser [this one!] is painted in Annie Sloan's Pure White with an ombre of grays on the drawers. This little nightstand only has one drawer, so though an ombre finish wouldn't work, adding a little hit of gray to it would help tie in with the gray on the dresser.  I did a light washed finish on the nightstand, keeping it slightly beachy. I then added gray trim onto the top and the bottom shelf. It's a rustic painted finish, so it's got slight imperfections, but that ended up being what I loved most about this piece. I styled it simply with black and blue and white details. I love that this little piece of my childhood gets to continue living on in my family!