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Subtle Color Combinations I Love: Annie Sloan's Lem Lem and English Yellow

If/when I receive a piece of furniture for free, I absolutely insist on experimenting with color and painting techniques! This was a piece I was kindly gifted by friends/clients of mine, and so I knew I wanted to play with color here. I'd never tried Annie Sloan's latest color, Lem Lem, a soft green shade [a portion of the profits of this shade go toward Oxfam, so reason enough alone to try this color out!].

Console tables like this are perfect for playing with color. By design, they're an accent piece in a room, so going with a color a bit outside of your norm is perfectly okay, if not encouraged! [at least from this lover of color!]. This particular console was a challenge to paint due to the bamboo inspired spindle legs, which were so tightly spaced, it made painting them quite the endeavor. Rather than trying to create a perfectly smooth finish, I opted for a slightly distressed look, and blended a couple shades to create a varied effect.  The result ended up being surprisingly close to actual reeds of bamboo!

For the base shade [the more yellowy of the two] I went with a mixture of English Yellow and Lem Lem, with slightly more Lem Lem mixed in.  I then made a wash combining Lem Lem, English Yellow and just a hint of Florence [a deeper green/turquoise shade] for some depth.  I painted the wash on, wiping it off in quick succession with a clean rag.  As I applied this technique a couple times over, the piece naturally distressed, revealing the beautiful original wood tone. To allow the more yellow base to peek through, I used a medium coarse sand paper to gently remove the green wash. I didn't do this everywhere, since I'm more partial to a variance in color throughout any piece of furniture. The result was subtle and quite beautiful!

This console feels both modern [with the bright pop of color] and vintage [with the distressed wash effect] and I really just love the quiet play of color happening here. Today's photos are a little different from my norm! I took my standard wide shots, but the true beauty of this piece is in the delicate color variations only viewed up close. I painted this in a solid shade at first. [and there's truly nothing wrong with keeping a painted piece simple and solid!] Though it looked beautiful as it was, I just knew I needed to play with color a bit more, because why not? And I'm so glad I did! This piece is now for sale in my shop!

jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 1.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 2.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 3.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 4.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 5.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 6.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 8.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 9.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 10.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 11.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 12.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 13.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 14.jpg
jo-torrijos-a-simpler-design-atlanta-painted-furniture-annie-sloan-lem-lem-english-yellow-green-console - 7.jpg