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I saw this table at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and it was an easy purchase. Though I don’t really implement the Hollywood Regency style in my own personal design, I see bits of it everywhere and I have a secret love for all things bamboo. This table was a glossy orange-toned wood bamboo that I couldn’t see working for me or any of my clients, but I wanted the bamboo details of this piece to come to the forefront.

Going with a dark color wasn’t going to cut it. All those curves would be muted by the depths of a deeper shade, so I knew white was where I was going to take this piece. I wanted to make it feel more ‘California’ or beach-y, or in this case, poolside appropriate.

I grabbed a bristly round paint brush [one of Annie Sloan’s] and ever so slightly dipped it in Pure White chalk paint. In a weird version of musical chairs for one, I’d quickly paint the piece as I moved in circles around the table. It looked comical, but working this way ensured I didn’t miss a single curve on the piece [and with bamboo, there are seemingly infinite curves]. I’d then flip the table over, work on the legs in the same orbiting pattern.

The finished product has a weathered, beach inspired vibe, resembling something similar to driftwood. The table has an airy lightness to it, which is further achieved with its glass top. There isn’t a single harsh edge on it, other than the striations from the dry brushing technique.

I’m tempted to try this table out in my own living room as we move closer to spring. Currently I have a comfy but cumbersome leather ottoman as my coffee table, and this oval beauty would lighten and brighten the space. Or maybe I’ll just drag the table out by the pool and lounge, drinking rosé, legs dangling in the water.

I’ll have this piece posted in my shop soon :)