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I painted this piece about a month ago. Maybe less, maybe a bit more? I haven’t kept track lately. [the fault of friends and family visiting and travel] I painted this for myself. It was given to me by a friend who’s renovating a bungalow and this armoire sat inside. It’s not antique. It had the makings of some kind of 80s or 90s tv set inside, meant to swivel for a boxy television set. I’m always in need of storage for the multitude of tools, paint supplies, styling props and who knows what else I’ve amassed. So I decided I’d paint this behemoth with whatever Annie Sloan paints I had leftover; the last dregs of custom colors I’d mixed for previous pieces…The overly saccharine, bright hues I’d purchased in the past and never really used. I’d do something with the remnants and make something worth looking at. Something that showed what I could do, even if the colors were a bit outside my normal palette.

Of course, like any project I work on, they tend to have a mind of their own, evolving into whatever they were meant to be. I started this piece off in bold colors of lilac and melon orange. It ended in a hint of those shades, only subdued with the delicate tones of greens and grays that mellow and calm everything they touch.

I really do love this piece. When I’m in front of it, I immediately run my hands across its doors, feeling the textures and layers carefully put upon it. It’s somehow both colorful and subtle all in one breath. My mom was reminded of the rainbow eucalyptus trees we’d always seen on our drives up the Hana Highway in Maui. I couldn’t find my own photos of these trees, but a quick google will give you a depiction, if a somewhat overly saturated version of these gorgeous trees. The key is their mix of cool greens and warm oranges.

It’s a seemingly odd mix, but it just works. Painting this armoire didn’t take as long as I imagined it would, but the result looks like it took me a great deal of time and effort. I don’t like to belittle my work, but this piece really did come together incredibly quickly and effortlessly. I used all the techniques I’ve discussed in posts past. But never have I used this unconventional color pairing and I’m just so glad I did.

I encourage you to browse through all the photos, especially pausing on the detail shots. They give the best depiction of the color changes and texture, which is what really makes this piece sing. I plan to keep this as a large storage unit for anything I need storing of, but like anything I paint, it’s also up for sale in my Etsy shop, so feel free to check it out there, or message me if you’ve got something else you’re on the hunt for!