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I spend a lot of time developing varying methods of painting, creative ways to blend colors, incorporate water and wax on furniture. But sometimes, a straightforward painted finish in a simple but impactful color is all that’s needed to truly transform a piece. Color has an incredible way of making us feel something. Grays for me are soothing, deeper shades of blue and teal are grounding, yellows are invigorating.

When I combined a few shades of Annie Sloan paint to achieve this bright, botanical green for a client’s desk, I instantly felt a combination of contrasting emotions. This bolder hue brings a liveliness to the piece, while also evoking a sense of tranquility. As I write this, I’m realizing the color incites the same feelings in me that a garden does, relaxing and inspiring all at once.

Mid Century furniture is always a space where I like to keep the paint finishes as simple as possible. I adore their clean lines and the less fuss I make when painting on mid century, the happier I am with the outcome. I styled this piece with objects in shades of green and yellow and white, all colors that were used to create the actual color of the piece. With mid century, a semi-monochrome styling continues to add to that modern, clean lined look.

This piece isn’t for sale, but I’m dying to paint something else using this exact shade of green! [I’m 100% green with envy right now. I’m cringing as I type this hah!]