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It’s refreshing not to have an exact plan when it comes to painting furniture. I get to layer color and texture, develop new shades by mixing paint, not entirely knowing what ratio I’ll end up with or when I’ll decide ‘enough is enough’ and let it be. I love when I come across smaller pieces I can experiment with like this lovely little piece.

I layered several colors starting with a combination of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk, Pure White and a little English Yellow for a pink-coral shade, then layered English Yellow over that. Next I painted a few light wash coats of a more orange-coral mixture again combining the same three colors, only adding more yellow to the mix. I added back some of the pink-coral in a wash over certain places like on the drawer fronts to create a slight ombré or sunset effect.

The close up detail shots of the varying shades on this piece are what really showcase that ‘sunset’ effect so beautifully. The hints of yellow along the front edges of the piece remind me of the bright horizon line that appears just before the sun makes its final descent.

This piece has already sold to a client in Florida, very befitting of a sunset inspired piece I’d say! If you’re looking to get a piece painted similarly, or are wanting advice on how to create this look yourself, shoot me a message and let’s chat!