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My New Favorite Painting Project: The Art of Distressing and Waxing

Over the weekend, I picked up a new paint to try, Aubusson Blue by Annie Sloan [she's definitely got some of the best product out there by far and is HIGHLY recommended!].  I also purchased her first book, and decided to try out one of her techniques on a pair of nightstands I snagged this weekend [I forgot to take photos of what they looked like before, because I fell in love immediately and got straight to painting!].  Here's the completely finished product [I'm pretty proud of this one!]: 


The size and scale is perfect, I LOVE how there's an open shelf and a closed off section, which allows for displaying books, but also lets you hide all the messy parts of a nightstand! The Aubusson blue is really wonderful. 

dark wax vs clear

With any chalk paint, waxing makes a huge difference in the texture and color of furniture.   After I've let the paint dry completely [I usually wait overnight], I brush on a clear wax [sometimes I use an old t-shirt to apply the clear wax, it just depends on my mood], and if I'm going for a cleaner, simple look, the clear wax looks fantastic. If I want to take it up a notch, I'll then apply a dark wax, also with a brush, focusing on the detail areas.  The dark wax really gives furniture depth and dimension, and in most situations, I absolutely swear by it.  What I noticed with Annie's paint was when I briskly applied the dark wax, the paint naturally distressed [see the top right photo], giving the nightstands a natural looking patina. 

dark vs clear

Here's a shot that shows the difference between dark wax and clear, side by side.  Clear leaves the furniture looking bright blue and light, while the dark deepens the tone and brings out the details.  Everyone has their preference, and I like both applications, but in this case I think the dark has to be the winner. 


Here are more close up shots of the dark waxed nightstand.  Love.

door open

I chose to leave the interior unpainted, because I like seeing a hint of what the furniture looked like originally.  I just placed them for sale today on Craigslist and they're now in my shop, but I secretly don't want them to sell, so I can have them all to myself!


Here are the four colors I bought this week at The Bird and the Bee [such a great space and I have a feeling I'll be coming back here often!].  I've already used three of the four colors, and I'll be posting the finished pieces soon!  Happy Weekend! -Jo