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Concert review: M83 at The Masquerade.

A couple Mondays ago, M83 [fronted by French musician Anthony Gonzalez] came to Atlanta [within about a half mile from my house] to the Masquerade.  Occasionally, when there's a big demand for an artist [remember the time Snoop Dogg was in my neighborhood? Yeah.], The Masq will move concerts to an outdoor stage behind the main building.  
Despite showing up late, [due to some parking issues] we were able to catch most of the set, and more importantly, the amazing encore [their performance of Couleurs was one of my more surreal concert moments].  I really wasn't sure what to expect, since M83 has such an electronic based sound, with minimal singing.  But I was really surprised to see how many instruments were on stage [in addition to the more synth-based variety].  Their latest album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, takes a departure from their previous work and focuses on trying to use instruments not normally found in alternative electronic music.  I especially loved the guy on the saxophone during one of their bigger hits 'Midnight City' [insert my stalker photo of him here].

I was completely entranced by this guy [see below] and his one man light show, just off to the side of the stage.  It's amazing what a DSLR camera can capture.

The show was a hybrid of an outdoor festival and a rave [hello 90s?] and the combination of dancing, lights and music was perfect. The only things missing were two of my favorite songs: 'Too Late' and 'Raconte-Moi Une Histoire' [I'm dying to make a music video for this!] but this gives me a great excuse to see M83 live again.