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A Fallen Magnolia.

Sometimes, a photo or two [or five] speaks volumes.  I found this fallen magnolia flower beneath a tree as I was leaving Forsyth Fabrics [I'm working on sewing project- curtains for my Mom- I still need to buy a sewing machine, but that's besides the point].  It must have just made its way to the ground, because the flower was in perfect condition: milky white with waxy green leaves.  The flower stamen looked like a hundred tiny inch worms wriggling out of a minty green bud. What really impressed me was the flower's size.  Its wingspan [yes, this thing was massive enough to warrant this word] was around 13 inches.  I've never seen a flower so big, and it was really something to behold.  The thing about magnolia flowers is their beauty is so brief.  Before you know it, they've turned a muddy brown color.

To preserve this flawless piece of nature, I took probably over a hundred photos of it.  I really loved how it looked up against the wood grain of my worn deck. You can also see me holding my Scottish Fold cat, Jake [his namesake being this guy] beside the flower, for a little perspective on size. He's in awe of the magnolia too.

So next time you see something beautiful lying on the sidewalk, stop and take note [or a picture].

All photos taken by Jo Torrijos [me]

© a simpler sound.