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A Little Piece of New Orleans: Cafe Du Monde's Beignets.

Sometimes, I just crave something sweet and indulgent. It often comes out of nowhere and I need an immediate fix. A few Sundays ago, it seemed like the perfect time to try out a  house sitting from my neighbors. Since they had been on a trip to New Orleans for a jazz festival, they were so kind to bring us back one of my favorite things from the French quarter: beignets.  Well, not exactly the beignets themselves, since they're only delicious when fresh from frying in hot oil.  Instead, they gave us a box of beignet mix from the world famous Cafe Du Monde.

It's an extremely simple 'recipe.'  All we needed to do after combining the mix with water was press it flat and cut into two inch squares. 

Deep frying can seem a bit daunting, but this trick took all the stress out of the task.  I simply put oil in my exceptionally handy slow cooker and heated it to the exact temperature the recipe required [I believe it was 350F]. Frying the dough took hardly any time at all, though I had to do so in a few batches.  

All that was left was a sift of powdered sugar on top of these puffy delights. I didn't have any powdered sugar on hand, but was able to make it so easily with my Vitamix. That blender was a pretty penny, but the fact that I can make flours and sugars on the fly is pretty neat.

And there you have it- a bit of New Orleans made in minutes in my kitchen on a Sunday morning.  They weren't as fluffy as the ones I'd tasted at the actual Cafe Du Monde, but just as delicious.  They also went perfectly with our chicory coffee. Here's a bit of history behind the use of chicory with coffee. Just writing this is causing me to have all kinds of cravings for these sweet treats again!