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One of my favorite artists: Clare Elsaesser and Tastes Orangey.

'Pillow Land'

I don't purchase things from Etsy as much as I should.  The site has such a wealth of beautiful art and handmade gifts.  It's a great way to support artists and find unique, affordable art for your home. For quite sometime, one of my favorite Etsy pages has been Tastes Orangey, which features art from Clare Elsaesser. There's literally not one piece I wouldn't love to have in my home.  I'm really partial to her pillow pieces.  There's something so relatable to them.  Maybe it's because I sleep exactly the way Elsaesser depicts her subject in 'Covered' or maybe it's just how comforting the idea of grabbing onto a pillow can be.  Here are a few of my favorites.



I also love her couples paintings. They're so natural and show the simple motions couples go through together.  I love this piece 'November' that simply shows two people sleeping.  There's a lot of movement in the piece with the use of their arms, and yet they're asleep. I love that.  


I've noticed in more recent pieces, Elsaesser has gotten more impressionistic in her style, which is a nice departure. I've yet to get one of her pieces, but I'm looking forward to getting several prints for my bedroom soon.  

All photos taken from the Tastes Orangey page on Etsy