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The ballad of jake and maggie.

In this scene, I imagine Maggie [left] speaking in a shy, nervous stutter and Jake in the voice of an older, grumpy British man. They always find the most ridiculous places to sleep, this case being my friend's opened suitcase full of clothes.

Meet my two insanely adorable, strangely owl-like Scottish Fold kittens, Jake and Maggie [they're actually two and a half years old at this point, but will forever be referred to as kittens]. Their namesake refers to the esteemed acting duo, siblings Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

On this blog, I will try to keep my cute kitten photos to a minimum.  I promise I'm not a weird cat lady [I do have a dog too, Kona, so she negates any cat lady tendancies!], but I thought these two deserved a brief introduction.