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I've been making mixes lately; some for friends who are moving away, some for road trips, some just because it's what I do.  

One band has made an appearance in nearly every mix as of late: Fun.  Their album, Some Nights, has been at the top of the charts, mostly in part of its hit single We Are Young, which more or less became the anthem of the year [or mid-year anthem at the least- 69 million and counting views on youtube don't lie].

I find myself listening to the track Why Am I the One over and over. 

For once, for once, for once
I've got the feeling that I'm right where I belong
Why am I the one
Always packing all my stuff?

Most tracks have this epic quality to them, something that makes me want to scream the lyrics out my car window. 

At times, there's a bit more auto-tune than I'd care for, but overall, their sound makes me want to dance or march around chanting the lyrics.  I don't know that I've had an album that makes me feel empowered in a fun, jump-out-of-your-chair and sing way.  Yes, Fun. is fun...

Definitely check out their album, and watch their latest music video [you can get the link here too].  A Civil War based storyline is not what I ever imagined for their track, Some Nights, but it's really well done.  It tells the story of two men and their fated meeting on the battlefield.