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My favorite things: Heath Ceramics.

Bud Vase: $22
I have a weird obsession with bowls.  I just love a good cereal bowl that's deep and fits perfectly in the grasp of your hand.  I really respond to ceramics that have a nice, earthy quality to them; nothing too polished. Therein lies my obsession with Heath Ceramics.

I was in San Francisco three years ago when I first discovered the line. I was at the Ferry Building Marketplace, buying my favorite Cowgirl Creamery Cheese, when I stumbled upon the Heath stall. Everything was bathed in cream, robins egg blue and spring green.  I would have bought the entire collection outright, but I suppose buying hundreds [or thousands by the looks of it] of dollars worth of ceramics and then lugging it all the way back to Atlanta, just didn't seem like the best [or most economically sound] idea. 

Their ceramics are so simple. They have this mission style / craftsman quality to them that I adore. I'm really partial to the matte finish on many of their pieces.  I also like the subtle color change between the inside and outside of the pottery.

I'm planning on getting a few of the bud vases [not sure in which color[s] yet].  I like them because they're on the short side, so they're perfect for adding fresh flowers or greens to my kitchen island, dining table, or coffee table, without detracting from the view of the person sitting across from me. I also love how affordable the bud vase is [at least comparatively to other pieces in the line]. 

I won't try and pretend Heath is cheap; but you're absolutely getting what you pay for.  They're an American made ceramic that's been carefully hand crafted since 1948.  Not to mention they're microwave, dishwasher and oven safe, and I love anything that's really versatile.  These are pieces that will last a lifetime.  

If I could redecorate my entire kitchen, I'd fill it with Heath ceramics, and change out my tile backsplash to any one of these.  [My birthday isn't for another ten months, but it's never too early to throw out hints!]
Deep Serving Bowl: $60
Pitcher: $70