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My first inspiration to cook.

I’m trying to harken back to my early days as a chef.   It all began with the classic Easy Bake Oven & Snack Center by Hasbro [the current Easy Bake is NOTHING like what I had as a kid- and the insanely upbeat, irritating commercial makes me wonder if I'm watching a Disney Channel show or a television ad. Jury's still out on that].  
I was a bit jaded at six, thinking this was too juvenile a device for me to bother with for very long.  What was my mom thinking? Did she really assume I could be entertained by such a puerile gadget for more than a week? She likely has a reason to bemuse such a thought, since anytime I’d have a friend over, that little girl adored every minute spent with my 1991 deluxe edition.
I mean, it was and still is a glorified box with a lightbulb attached.  Essentially, if I was able to finagle a lamp to sit in a cardboard box, without setting it on fire, I could bake any delicious confection [made of course without eggs or anything that may cause me to succumb to food poisoning].
I will say though, the Easy Bake did train us from an early age to appreciate portion control.  Just about all recipes I could gather for the Easy Bake yielded one cookie or one cupcake.  I suppose when the average age of your clientele is 5, you can’t expect them to be supplying enough stock for a small business.
I'm sure some people have issues with this toy and the perception it gives young girls of what they're expected to do with their lives [which in my case, it trained me to love cooking and baking for the long haul with hopes of making a living out of it one day- fingers still crossed]. But despite its overtly Suzie Homemaker predications, the Easy Bake inspired me to get out of the playroom and into an actual kitchen at a very early age, since I was so underwhelmed by the quality of food I was receiving from this toy.  
Before long, I was crafting my own cookie recipes and to this day, I'm still throwing recipes together on the fly.  Once you get the cooking bug, it really never goes away.

1. Photo taken from: Super Chef Blog