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New Music Mixtape: June Releases.

It's Tuesday, and that means I'm on music overload.  It's serious work sifting through all the new releases.  I made the mistake of starting this late last night.  I was looking forward to the new Fiona Apple album [seven years is an awfully long wait], so when it came out at midnight, I wasted no time listening to it at length.  I then was surprised to see Smashing Pumpkins came out with a new album too. Was I stuck in some strange time warp circa 1996? If so, I'd be happy to stick around a while...

The mid 90s was the era I fell in love with alternative music. Yes, all my friends were obsessed with the Spice Girls while I was waiting up late at night to catch the latest Green Day or Smashing Pumpkins video on THE BOX [was I the only one who did this?  I was a little weird as a kid...]. Don't get me wrong, I was still an avid Beanie Babies collector [my insides get sad when I think about how much money my poor mother spent on this phase...] so I was by any sense of the word, fairly normal.  I just also had a weird obsession with No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom [and a Mom who didn't pay attention to the music I listened to, but now refers to said music as 'noise'].  

This month, I've got a bit of 1990s represented on my new music mixtape for June. 

1. Pick & Choose - Stepdad [reminds me of Grouplove...a sweet song]
2. The Way We Move - Langhorne Slim & The Law [so good I bought the whole album]
3. Eboracum - Glass Caves [a commendable EP]
4. There's No Leaving Now - The Tallest Man On Earth [whiny in a Rufus Wainwright-y way]
5. Hot Knife - Fiona Apple [just addictive-  stands out from the rest]
6. Bottom of the River - Delta Rae [this track has some serious southern soul]
7. Right Where I Belong - The Constellations [local Atlanta band]
8. Fixin' - Walk The Moon [they were a fun band live- this album has a definite 80s vibe]
9. Numb - Oh Land [there's something weird and disjointed that I really like about her]
10. The Celestials - Smashing Pumpkins [this track is the most mainstream, but I like the acoustic incorporation]
11. Someone Purer - Mystery Jets [great pacing on this]
12. D-D-Dance - The Royal Concept [upbeat, happy, etc.]
13. Neil Young Sings "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" - Jimmy Fallon [this is exactly what you think it is. Awesome.]