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Aruba in 10 Photos.

This says it all.
Now let's play, Where's Waldo?
[except I'm Waldo, minus the red and white striped outfit]

So apparently it's SUPER windy in Aruba, duly noted.
No, my hair doesn't always look this awesome.
The private island: Flamingo Beach. Quiet. Empty. Peaceful. Perfect.
This aqua blue water makes my heart melt. 

The flamingo posse liked to hang out at the other end of the beach.
I still don't know why their knees bend backwards.

The other beach was named after these happy, romaine lettuce loving iguanas.
This guy asked for caesar dressing on the side :ba dum pish:
My personal hammock.  I spent hours laying here, listening to music, reading, sleeping.
If I could love an inanimate object as much as a person, it would be this hammock.

This is Freddie, my Pelican friend.  He kept me company by the hammock.
I probably spent half my trip watching these amazing birds scoop fish out of the water.

These are some very happy sand-covered toes.
[also, check out my sweet tattoo- if only it were real...some day soon!]
When the beach was too hot to handle, I drank Sex on the Beach: my cocktail of choice :)
I also made tasty drinks in the hotel room with the bottle of Admiral Nelson's Coconut Rum I procured [no, I couldn't afford Malibu], along with mango juice and club soda.  Yum.

Aruba brought zen to my life, even if it was just for a few days :)