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New Music Mixtape: July Releases.

I was M.I.A. [missing in Aruba? Alaska? yes.] for a good chunk of July, so I wasn't keeping up with the latest Alternative releases, but I still managed to pull things together right at the end of the month.  A lot of these tracks are singles for some upcoming albums [all of which I'm really looking forward to] so there's a good mix in here. I also started working on my concert list, which usually doesn't start until the fall, but there are a few good shows coming up.  I'll list them here soon. 

1. Sleep Alone - Two Door Cinema Club [still has that dance-y vibe I love about TDCC, but with a tinge of sadness...I wonder if the rest of the album will follow suit..]

2. Sky Blue & Ivory - Torches [I immediately think of some kind of mashup of TV on the Radio and Bloc Party when I heard them for the first time]

3. If Only You Knew - An Atlas to Follow [I love the way their voices meld together- simple and pretty]

4. My Only Hope - Illusion of Self [has that gritty, raw Strokes-sound, great debut album from this band - buy this one]

5. Angels - The xx [this band has that hauntingly beautiful sound down to a science, this new single being no different...I've been looking forward to this album for a long time- can't wait!]

6. Age of Ignorance - Our Last Night [their sound is so familiar; very much like what I listened to in high school- a less throaty Thrice or even a little like Story of the Year..]

7. Fame > Demise [Acoustic] - Woe Is Me [after sifting through the thrashing and screaming on this album, I found a really nice vocal on this track- for some reason I love when hardcore bands sing pretty songs [albeit a little whiny, but that's okay by me] like this]

8. Come Together [Beatles cover] - Arctic Monkeys [I was watching the opening ceremonies of the XXX London Olympics last Friday, and I was so impressed by this cover. I knew they were a great band, but they really did The Beatles justice on this one]

9. Settle Down - No Doubt [this is their first release as a band in 11 YEARS, and I was secretly hoping for a return to their Tragic Kingdom roots, but I'll settle for this. I really like the first half of this song, and then it trails off a little for me- but I'd be a fool if I didn't represent the band I grew up with]

10. The Way It Is - The Sheepdogs [their sound definitely rides on the coattails of The Black Keys, but there aren't many other coattails I'd hitch a ride on]

11. Perfectly Aligned - Milo Greene [I've been looking forward to their full length release for a long time, and I HATE that I was out of town when they came to Atlanta a couple weeks back.  This track is so clean and really showcases how perfectly in sync the band is vocally]

12. The Crystal Text - Young Moon [no vocals on this track, but the open picking on the electric evokes its own melancholic voice, much like Explosions in the Sky]

Photo: Illusion of Self