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A brief rant about technology and the evil question mark.

This icon brings an immediate sense of fear and stress to my life. 

I took a few days off from writing here mostly because I'm frustrated with technology and its ability to create beautiful things, while simultaneously screwing you over.  Over the last month, I've been creating new recipes, and photographing every step of the process.  I've also be doing some design work in the house, and creating a narrative of that process through photos.  My dear old 13" Macbook Pro is at full capacity, and I'm constantly having to transfer files to my external hard drive.  So yesterday, while I was writing and preparing to add in photos to several posts, I began to upload tons of photos from my SLR to the computer.  My mac has been sluggish lately, and it came to a complete halt during the upload process.  Somehow technology hated me that day, and managed NOT to upload any of the photos onto the computer and instead deleted them from the camera entirely, leaving all those great recipe photos I've taken somewhere in computer purgatory, somewhere I'll likely never see them again.  

I may have thrown things and screamed a little, since that was hours and hours of work completely obliterated.  I'm attempting to save face and look on the bright side, since technically I can recreate every recipe all over again. It will just cost me quite a bit of grocery money [I mean figs and salmon and grass fed beef aren't exactly cheap ingredients!] and time repeating these recipes.  The hope is that by recreating them, they will only improve and become even better than the first go around. 

But for right now, this is how I ultimately feel:


Now that feels better.