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Meet my attic.

I never had an attic growing up in New York, but was always intrigued by them.  I so badly wanted to have one, so that I could have a secret hiding place; a little spot all to my own, where I could stash my favorite things. Basically, I was looking for a tree house, but being in New York where having a tree was even more rare, the dream of an attic would suffice.

I never got that attic [I did have a pretty deep closet that I treated as such], so when I was house hunting here in Atlanta four years ago, one of the first places I thought to look was in the attic.  The neighborhoods I was focused on were made up of old craftsman bungalows from the 20s and 30s, so an attic was a guaranteed perk. I always pictured attics to be cozy; a space where you could just manage to crawl in and sit curled up next to a window, peering out at the rest of the world. And most of the houses I visited had fairly small attics, or at least ones where you could barely stand up straight without bumping your head.  

When I came to this house [the home I now live in], I was shocked when I made my way up the rickety ladder staircase.  This attic was cavernous.  With the exception of a few areas of pitched roof, the ceilings were even higher than the first floor! The previous owner had put down some plywood flooring in parts, so you could essentially walk around the entire attic, which spanned the entire space of the first floor.  I immediately saw the potential this space held, and that along with the size of the kitchen [every other house had an incredibly tiny kitchen- and this house had one nearly twice the size of any other, something essential to an avid cook] had me sold on this house. 

The passage into the attic is a little precarious: a 'staircase' unfolds from the ceiling, but after some finagling of the ladder joints, you can fairly easily climb your way into the attic space. 

For it being an unfinished space with minimal windows, there's quite a bit of light up here.  I would imagine if windows were situated on all four walls, the space would be infinitely brighter.  

The nook with this small window is the front face of my house, and the perfect spot for that reading nook I always dreamed of.  Plus, it's got the perfect bird's eye view of everything happening on my street.  

Here you can see where the fireplace chimney continues from the first floor.  This would such a great feature to have exposed if [and when?!] I renovate this space.  You can also see an area boarded up where I would imagine a window used to be. When I look at my house from the outside, the siding completely covers this area, so I had no idea a window ever existed until I made my way up here. This is the highest peak of the roof, and here you can see how the ceilings just soar, probably close to 20 feet at its apex. 

I love warm tones of the wood in this space.  I don't think there's a way of keeping that exposed, since in order for it to be usable and livable, it needs insulation [something sorely lacking in this attic!] so for now, I can pretend I'm in my own personal log cabin when I'm up here.  Right now, all it's used for is storage for luggage and a few other things, but I can picture this becoming so much more.  The previous owner actually left some rough design plans for this attic space, and they turned it into a massive master bedroom and bathroom, with an extra office or bedroom space.  That would be a huge transformation, so for now, a girl can dream...