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Wildlife Photography: my close encounter with a Grizzly Bear.

I've mentioned the trip before, but I was lucky enough to get to visit Alaska this summer, and it was one of the more breathtaking places I've ever seen.  Even if you're not a nature enthusiast like myself, anyone can appreciate the beauty of Alaska.  Here are a series of photos I took while on a side trip to Haines, Alaska.  We went on a tour with a local woman, who was going to help us find wildlife to photograph.  The irony was that this woman seemed to be terrified of wildlife.  I had no idea at the start of that day of the close encounters that I would face later on.  We stopped to take photos of this beautiful vista of a lake [which I'm completely forgetting the name of].  Below, you can see the last photo of me that was taken...before the BEAR ATTACK! 

Continue on for the harrowing details...

Just kidding!  No attacks thankfully, but moments later, a grizzly bear did pop out of the water right behind where I was standing.  The bear was around 20 feet away, which is apparently the closest you ever want to get to a bear, while still feeling somewhat safe.  Of course, this bear was making its way rather quickly along this river that flowed into the lake where I stood, so before I knew it, the bear was within earshot!

I wasn't remotely afraid, since this had to have been the most adorable grizzly I'd ever encountered [as if I meet them on the street regularly..] and had ears like a teddy bear! [All I can hear in my head as I write this is the Winnie the Pooh song..."chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff!']

This bear was actually tagged on its ear, meaning the parks department is monitoring his profess, and tracking his movements periodically.  

Despite being cute and cuddly in appearance, this junior [no longer a cub, but not a fully matured adult] was significantly larger than I am, and could have easily mauled me if things had gone differently.  I was on slightly higher ground, so I felt safe, but I really should have made my way out of the area slowly and quietly, rather than standing there snapping photos. [I found this rather amusing, but useful guide on how to escape a bear]  Lesson learned [sort of], but what an amazing experience it was!

Here you can see the green tag in his ear.  But doesn't he look just like Winnie?