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Good things come in small, bright colored packages: New Bookcase

I've been getting more and more bold with my color choices.  This seems to happen every spring when the weather improves, and I immediately want everything else in my life to become equally bright and warm. It could be construed as projecting my feelings onto my furniture [note to self: stop psychoanalyzing!], but no matter how you look at it, I've ended up with several funky, fun pieces of furniture.


Enter my newly painted bookcase! It's another skinny-mini, but it's solid wood and has nice, curved ends [a feature I'm particularly partial to].  Anytime something has a curve in it as opposed to a sharp edge, I immediately think 'kid-friendly', which may have been another reason why I went with a youthful color.  

orange-bookcase-details-jo torrijos

I styled the shelves with equally bright, adorable objects [the Abe Lincoln piggy bank head is just the best. thing. ever.]. 

abe-orange-bookcase-jo torrijos

I see these shelves chock-full of books, but it can also work as a storage space for toys [doesn't everyone have a massive collection of teddy bears? Is that just me? Oh...] or a cute spot for potted plants and terrariums.  I love the greenery up against the peachy-orange color.  The bookcase seems brighter [or more specifically, orange-er] in the photos than it is in person, despite my vague attempts at rectifying this via Photoshop. But in either light, it's pretty darn cute.


So if you're looking to add a little color to your home, try this one out.  I can never have enough bookcases and storage pieces, and I have a sneaky suspicion neither can you! Also, it's Monday, so I think we all need a heavy dose of cheering up.  Check this one out here or on Craigslist