a simpler sound.

the sunset. the catalyst. etc. etc.

West Palm Beach, FL

I was in south Florida this past weekend helping a friend move [and spending some brief, but much needed time with my long, lost love- the Atlantic Ocean] and caught this unbelievably saturated sunset on my last day before heading back to Atlanta.  I snapped this photo [and quite a few more] with my phone, regretting I didn't lug my SLR around with me. I never seem to have it when something beautiful crosses my path [and if this guy ever crosses my path, I'll certainly need more than my Canon to capture the moment...wink wink].  Nevertheless, my iPhone does come in handy, and I must say, it takes a decent photo.  

[Now, get ready for the cheese...]

What motivated me to get the cogs in my blog turning again was how moved I was by such a gripping wash of colors in the sky.  I'm so inspired by color and nature, and a thousand thoughts stream through my mind when I see [or hear, or taste] it. It can be hard to sift through it all. I was hoping to hold off on starting a blog until I decided on the most perfect name [a task I may never accomplish] and a focused concept.  But in reality, I can't focus on just one topic. [this speaks volumes of my personality..] Don't get me wrong, I'm insanely passionate about cooking and photographing every meal I eat or create [much to the chagrin of my friends and family]. But my mind is constantly wandering between different facets that intrigue me.  Music. Photography. Food. Design. Nature. etc. etc. etc. 

Maybe you'll just find 1/100 of what I post interesting, but I'm curating this more for me and all my etc.