a simpler sound.

Tour de Coffee.

Currently, my work schedule is such that I've got a good chunk of the morning free each day.  This has been working in my favor, since I've been getting a lot done well before I have to head out to work.  The thought of feeling accomplished before noon is something I could get used to.

I have a friend staying with me right now, so we've been spending some mornings at the nearby coffee shops.  It made me think of how fortunate I am to have so many within such a small radius.  Of course there is the fair share of Starbucks nearby [a new one popped up just last month], but I'm more partial to the local places.  Typically, their coffee is great quality, and the general vibe of them is really conducive to getting myself to write.

I decided it'd be fun to write about all the coffee shops I've been frequenting.  So, in honor of the upcoming 2012 Tour de France, I'm going to partake in my own Tour de Coffee. There will be no bikes involved [though I suppose if I owned a bike, I could ride from coffee shop to coffee shop hmm...] and I'm not competing with anyone for any real honor or glory [which means no cheating scandals to be had].

Above, you can see a map of every coffee shop within approximately 1.5 miles from my house.  A couple of these are a little off. For example, 'G' is a Krispy Kreme, and even though those delightful confections pair perfectly with the brown elixir, I don't count it as a coffee shop [although they do serve it- but it had to be one of the worst cups I've ever attempted to swallow].

Right now, I'm writing this from one of my favorite places, Inman Perk.  I'm drinking a small iced black coffee [$2.70] and despite being so simple, it's one of the better cups of [iced] coffee I've had. The place is almost always packed, but it's actually fairly quiet, since nearly every other patron has their laptop in tow and are busy plugging away at whatever it is people work on in coffee shops.  It's really unpretentious [although most coffee shops in Atlanta have a bit of coffee snobbery to them, which I don't really mind].  There's no password needed for their wifi, which is one less hoop to jump through in my coffee/working experience.

So onward to the next stop on the Tour de Coffee...