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Alternative to a Jewelry Box.

I love my old house. It's got so much charm, and it's cozy.  Cozy can get to be a little cramped, though, especially when it comes to my bedroom.  I've got just enough room for a bed, nightstand, dresser and desk.  Things are a bit tight, so I have to come up with some quirky ways to save space.  One way to save on surface space is through hanging up jewelry 'box.' 

I had a couple tack boards lying around that I never used, so I played around with a design, and in no time, had most of my jewelry hung up.  I like how the jewelry boards look up against the other art in my wall collage.  It breaks it up and gives it some dimension.  

There are some downsides to this set up.  For starters, if you have any particularly heavy jewelry, when you remove it to wear, that can sometimes shift the balance in how the board hangs on the wall [though I probably just need to secure it better]. Also, in having jewelry displayed this way, you really need to put things back exactly the way you found them, because everything basically fits like a puzzle. 

I love a good wall collage and adding a bit of jewelry to it only ups the interesting factor.