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Places I want to visit: a city of water, green and glass.

You might be wondering why I have tons of photos of Vancouver when I titled this as a place I want to visit.  When you consider I spent a total of about three hours in Vancouver, most of which was sitting on a cruise ship in its harbor, the title makes more sense.  The photo above is actually the view we had from our cabin while docked and waiting to set sail for Alaska. Although I didn't take many pictures while riding the bus from the airport, I could tell this was a place I'd love.  Great little shops, cafes, gastro-pubs, and restaurants lined the clean, green streets.

Being a city of water, Vancouver is naturally a major shipping port. It was amazing watching the gigantic shipping containers being effortlessly moved around like a game of Tetris

We were so fortunate to have a 180+ degree view of this gorgeous city.  I love how the buildings are clad in glass, creating a skyline that mimics the beautiful waterways of British Columbia.  This city also happens to be one of the greener cities I've ever been to, and is actively working towards becoming the greenest city in the world. Right now, they're creating green roofs on major buildings, like their convention center shown above.

Canada Place reminds me of the Sydney, Australia skyline [another city I spent only a few hours in, and have added to my return-bucket list].

This city is chock full of beautiful green space and towering trees, all part of what was originally considered a temperate rain forest.  The "Central Park" of Vancouver is Stanley Park, a beautiful green space that has biking and running trails all along the water. I'd love to come back here.

I don't think we could have asked for better weather that day.  

This looks like a great climb, and must have an unbelievable view looking out. A nice piece of Canada pride at the tip of Vancouver.

The Vancouver Bridge has a really bold green color, and blends seamlessly into this green city.

My view as our cruise ship passed beneath the bridge.  I don't think I've ever been this close to the belly of a bridge before!  Even though we were just passing through, I got a good feel for this city, and can't wait to come back and stay a while longer.