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Support Live Music: Fall 2012.

In an age where iTunes and Pandora and Spotify reign supreme, it's so easy to forget to support live music.  But there's just no substitution for it.  I could see the same band a hundred times [see the band above*] and each set is its own entity; completely independent from their recorded album.

The beauty of live music is how unpredictable it is: the band tries out a new, unrecorded song for the first time; they decide to play one of their favorite covers [and of course you LOVE that song]; one of their friends from another band is in town and jumps on stage to do an impromptu collaboration; the power kicks out and they decide to play the rest of the night acoustic; the entire show [openers and even some roadies] get on the stage with all their instruments and jam; they play that one song, [and they NEVER play that song] the song that makes your heart ache. You can't get that on the internet.  Watching a Youtube video won't suffice; you need to be there.

The mark of a really great show was always measured by how hard my ears were ringing and the bruises I got from being front and center.  I might be a little older [and hopefully wiser], but I miss those days of getting knocked around, feeling every fiber of the music in my head and my heart.

So speaking of live music...

It's a good thing I decided to get the fall concert list started early, since there are so many great bands making their way to Atlanta much sooner than I thought.  For some of these shows I actually don't know the bands too well, but gave them a preview and they sound promising.  Others are a MUST go, so I'll be busy the next few months. I miss the days when I got tickets to shows for free.  Gone are the days when I could go to shows three or four nights a week.  Now I'll just have to settle for one or two :)

On a more random note: In making this list, I found a band called Snarky Puppy.  I'm mentioning them for no other reason than their name is Snarky Puppy.  It's the little things.  Other gems include: Spanky and the Love Handles and Puffy Areolas.  I couldn't make this up if I tried. 

'Fall' 2012 Upcoming Shows: 

The Dangerous Summer, The Rouge, From Indian Lakes 8/7
Strung Out 9/18 
Music Midtown [Foo Fighters, The Avett Brothers, Florence + The Machine, LUDACRIS, Neon Trees, Garbage and more] 9/21-9/22
The Shins 10/8
Matt & Kim 10/12
Grouplove 10/16
Lagwagon 10/26
Yellowcard 11/12
Morrissey 12/3

*One of my favorite concert photos: I took this of Brand New at Starland Ballroom, June 20th, 2006  

Someone please tell them to release a new album and tour in Atlanta.  Or just play their old stuff live; that would more than suffice :)