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The Sweetest Fig.

The Sweetest Fig is a book penned by one of my favorite authors and illustrators, Chris Van Allsburg [made famous by The Polar Express and Jumanji]. It tells the story of a surly French dentist who performs a procedure on an old woman, and in return receives two figs.  Aside from being the most delectable fig he's ever had, the dentist discovers these figs also possess an Alice in Wonderland quality he never would have imagined. 

When I first read this book as six year old, I too thought figs would have this magical ability. Much to my dismay, when I finally tried said fig, it tasted funky [nothing like a grape, which was one of my four food groups at the time, and I expected anything purple was automatically part of the grape family] and my dreams did not in fact come true, despite what the book led me to believe...

My picky eating habits as a child kept me from figs until a few years ago, when I had some dried figs in a Moroccan dish.  I was at Whole Foods this week, and was excited to see that figs were in stock.  Black Mission figs are only found in the summer, usually in early on and then again at the end, just before fall is in full swing.  Right now they're just reaching their peak, and are perfectly jammy and sweet. I love trying both sweet and savory preparations, but they're at their best just as they are.  I like my figs on the extra ripe side, so I'm holding off on eating them for another day. 

In the meantime, I get to enjoy their rich, indigo color, much like blueberries [I happened to also buy blueberries that day, so you can see the similarity].  If you're lucky to hang out with me tomorrow, that's when I'll slice into these beauties.  And that's really something to behold.  Yum.

1. Photo: The Sweetest Fig