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A Hawaiian Party!

Combing through old photos brings up all kinds of great memories.  These photos are from a fairly recent birthday party I hosted back in May.  Since I have ties to Hawaii [my mom lived there for a few years and we have family there], hosting a Hawaiian themed party is really something I should do more often.  This was my first, and it was entirely too much fun! My friend Katy made a delicious cake with a mango jelly filling and cream cheese frosting [it was addictive!]. My mom pulled out all her big guns: lumpia [a traditional filipino fried spring roll], her special BBQ chicken [the secret ingredient is Coke!] and pancit [also filipino and is somewhat similar to Chinese lo-mein].  That along with some delicious grilled pineapple skewers with a teriyaki glaze rounded out our 'Hawaiian' meal.  

We even splurged on some awesomely tacky Hawaiian decorations, and we all donned our leis [even Kona!], played Hawaiian music and learned some serious hula moves from my mom.  I can't wait to have another one of these shin-digs in my backyard.  Hosting parties is what makes having a home and a backyard so worthwhile.  

Perfecting our hula moves.