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Atlanta Street Art: on The Beltline.

A small street art sign marking The Beltline. I'm beginning to see these pop up all over the city.

A couple weeks back I was finally able to snag a seat on the elusive bus tour of The Beltline.  If you're not from Atlanta, The Beltline is a major undertaking by the city with the goal of connecting the many neighborhoods of Atlanta with light rail transit while also bringing green space to neighborhoods in need of it. The entire Beltline will be over 22 miles long, becoming one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in the United States!

 The tour I went on was almost three hours long, and took me to neighborhoods I never even knew existed. I tend to stick to my little bubble of Atlanta [probably within a 4 mile radius of my house], and finally after four years, I'm beginning to branch out! Here are just a few quick photos I took of some street art I found along the tour. I was able to learn a bit about some of the art, and the stories of those who created it.  It's amazing how much culture and history this city has, and how I've barely scratched the surface.

A great little walkthrough park that's flanked by a beautiful wall of art that reminds me of a Suzani textile.
This wall was painted by a Christian community center in Pittsburgh [not PA] and spans almost an entire city block.
I didn't get any information on this, but it was my absolute favorite piece.  I took a bunch of photos, but unfortunately the bus was moving so quickly, most of them were blurry and not worth posting.  I'd love to come back to it and find out the story behind it.
This wall mural was done by the community [both kids and adults] of this neighborhood [the name of which is alluding me]. It tells the history of this area, spanning from the time of Native Americans all the way to present day.